Notebooks. Simple and beatiful.

Hi, this is Karouch. Hand-made notebooks, diaries and planner. We use organic wool felt. It's simple, gorgeous and practical at the same time.

Pen, paper and your thoughts.  

It does not get any simpler that this.

Karouch notebooks are fully customizable to fit your needs. I think that beauty does not come from constantly adding new stuff. Beauty is when there's nothing left to remove.

When you take Karouch notebook into your hands, this is what you get: A pen, a paper and your thoughts. Noone and nothing to dictate you your anything. Make it all yours.  

All Karouch products have covers from high-quality organic wool felt. It makes the notebook soft and durable aswell.

Hi, I'm Karin :)

I am a proffessional singer. When I take a break, I hand-craft notebooks and diaries.

I like to work with unusual materials. I seek things that can surprise me and leave me at awe.

Everything I do is minimalistic - I do not waste any materials, u nor do I use any useless design elements. 

This is Karouch family:

Diary 2018

A6 size

colors: black, grey, red, yellow

(custom colors upon request)

100% organic wool felt

paper: Holen Book 80g créme


embroidered or naked 

color: black, grey, blue, red, yellow

(other colors upon request)

100% organic woolt felt

paper: Holen Book 80g créme

Karouch notebooks serve more than 400 happy customers. Are you going to be the next one?

Contact me!

Karin Loudová +421 908 852 718 Moyzesova 3, 010 01 Žilina